Spring very nearly sprung!

pink edged Daisy
pink edged daisy

Last weekend was absolutely glorious – the sun shone, the air was warm and a gentle breeze kept everything at a perfect temperature.  The barbecue was wheeled out, cleaned up, and lit to celebrate the “first alfresco meal of 2018” – in fact we indulged and had two barbecues over the weekend.  The lawn got it’s first proper cut and the garden took on that “ready to burst into life” look.  I went round with my iphone and macro lens  to catch the first signs of new life.

Flowering Currant
Flowering Currant

It was wonderful to spend a bit of time pottering among the borders having a good tidy up and planting a view new shrubs and colourful plants.  We bought a miniature patio apple tree which amazingly has two varieties of apple on the one tree, a cooker and a dessert!

Spring time blooms
Jasmine leaves – Hazel bud – pink apple blossom

Goodness knows what’s happened though, we are back to strong winds, heavy downpours and winter coats.  We have that little glimmer to cling on to – hopefully it’ll be back with us again soon.

2017 TRANS logo 50 x 50 png


Winter’s behind us, Spring is here!


hand sewn accessories for Spring by Ellie's Treasures

Well … hopefully Spring is here!  The last couple of days have been considerably warmer here in South Lincs., so I really hope we’ve seen the back of the snow and biting strong winds and we can look forward to more cheerful days.  The daffs are beginning to bloom and the grass will be getting its first cut this weekend – all positive things to lead us into warmer climes.

With Easter next weekend, there’s still time to purchase gifts that are either alternatives to the traditional chocolate, or a little something to complement the traditional chocolate.

There’s a selection of suitable pretties available online at Ellie’s Treasures with an Easter/Spring theme – all items are posted 1st class within the UK.

I hope you enjoy a well deserved break from work and the norms next weekend.

Thanks for dropping by.

2017 TRANS logo 50 x 50 png