Reds, golds and mustards – the warmth of autumn.

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” (Jim Bishop).

a spark of colour as autumn sets in – small sunflowers

Savouring those last warm days, enjoying the crisp coolness of early mornings and evenings, the beautiful colours of nature, sightings of squirrels and robins and the lighting of an open fire all add up to why autumn is by far my favourite season.

autumn leaves – waiting for harvest with moody sky – close up of a pine cone

New items for autumn, like this squirrel brooch in mustard felt and little hanging artwork in sunflower yellow, have been inspired by the changing colours of nature. Endeavouring to be a little more adventurous with my mixed media style, I’m enjoying combining different colours and patterns of fabrics and embellishments to build a boho style piece, with a hint of vintage.

hand sewn embellished felt and fabric squirrel brooch and cat artwork hanging by Ellie's Treasures
mixed media squirrel brooch and little cat artwork hanging

beautiful wise owl

Did you know the Italian translation for “twit twoo” is “I love you”?

There are many things that define country life – a graceful flying owl is certainly one of them – and it is always a joy to experience him in action or sitting upon a fence post or tree stump, waiting patiently for his next meal.

hand sewn owl themed brooch

When the children were growing up, one home education activity that they’d get to grips with was dissecting owl pellets to reassemble the tiny bones of a mouse or shrew that had been previously digested and regurgitated. It may sound a bit gruesome, but it was always so fascinating!

mini owl brooches

As Westerners we often think of the owl as a wise bird, with Greek and Roman mythology associating him with education, as well as magic.  Think of the illustrations that depict the owl in a studious theme, wearing specs and a mortar board, and also the use of owls in the well known magical Harry Potter books.  In fact, the brain of an owl is small in comparison to the size of its body and apparently harder to train than other birds like hawks or parrots, but it seems they are thinkers and planners when it comes to hunting their prey, so to me, they are shrewd and intelligent.

website ref: owl symbolism; how stuff works

Virtual markets

As the current pandemic continues to change the way we go about our lives, I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll need to write off this entire year when it comes to participating in indoor craft fairs and markets. I’ve already been told one of the markets I sell at over the Christmas period won’t be going ahead for 2020, so there’s a good chance the vast majority will follow suit.

On the up-side, there has been a rise in online (virtual) markets – the ones I’ve seen have been on Instagram and Facebook. Having taken part in one last month with Bluebirds Handmade Market, I’ve got the bug and signed up for another for next weekend with Handmade and Creative and have realised that they require as much pre-planning and on the day dedication as a live market. One thing is for sure, I’m now beginning to get to grips with “stories” and all that goes with it on Instagram … Facebook, sadly, is still a head scratching puzzle for me!

So, the Handmade and Creative fair, which can be accessed by using the hasthtag #handmadeindoors on Instagram, will take place on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th June between 7 and 10pm – perfect for when you’ve settled on the sofa after a busy day with a cuppa or glass of something chilled and you’re ready to go virtual browsing and buying from a fantastic selection of UK sellers.

hand sewn mixed media brooches by Ellie's Treasures - black cats, unicorn, pegasus and black poodle brooches

I’ve been busy at the sewing table building up stock levels with a few cute mini brooches and small mixed media artworks added to the list. Commissions will be open before, during and after the market if you’d like something special made. Hope you can join us.

hand sewn mixed media small dachshund dog themed canvas with easel - dreamy days

Life in lockdown

What a lot has changed in our lives since my last blog post.  I hope you are all staying safe and keeping well and continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  I’m thrown between feelings of worry for what lies ahead to feelings of joy that I have some time to just “be”.  I am also in awe of those that continue to work so hard to keep the country going.

hand sewn embellished felt and fabric rainbow brooch with word dream by Ellie's Treasures

Having grown used to the 2 metre rule, the necessity to stay at home as much as possible and the queueing to do the weekly shop, I have to admit I’m settling in to the slower pace of life.  I’m fortunate enough to have a few weeks off from my keyworker job and have countryside, big skies (that are so blue at the moment) and nature around me to enjoy.  I’m going to endeavour to cling on to these things when life begins to return to normal.

early evening sun through the trees

With the weather being pretty amazing (what a blessing that is), I have spent a lot of my home time tidying the garden. There have been many unwanted freebies left at the side of the road so I now own a strawberry pot and pretty hellebore that would otherwise have gone to waste.  Locals have also been selling young plants, so my garden has benefitted from sweet peas, lupin, delphinium, sweet william, strawberry plants, a couple of alpines and a dicentra spectabilis with its pretty pink heart shaped flowers.

dicentra spectablis, chives and outdoor candles

The sewing is most definitely still happening – Ellie’s Treasures remains open and I’m happy to accept orders and commissions.  All individual items (except larger canvas artworks) are letterbox friendly and sent 1st class, so no need for a signature upon delivery or a parcel being left on the doorstep or at the sorting office.  If you are buying as a gift for someone special, I’m happy to tissue wrap and add a handwritten note, posting directly to your chosen recipient if you wish.  Please bear in mind that purchases may take a bit longer to arrive as it’s a bit like a Christmas rush for the posties at the moment.

three mini hand sewn unicorn brooches by Ellie's Treasures
mini brooches have been a popular gift choice since lockdown

Hedgehog lovers – do pop over to Gloucestershire based Wild Hogs Rescue Centre’s online auction on Facebook to help raise necessary funds. The centre does an amazing job of researching, rescuing and rehabilitating hedgehogs in their local area so I’m hoping this event is a great success fr them. Bidding opens on 3rd May until the 10th and there’s already a fabulous selection of items to choose from.

hand sewn hedgehog bag charm by Ellie's Treasures donated to Wild Hogs Rescue Centre Gloucestershire for their fundraising auction 2020
available through Wild Hogs Rescue Centre fundraising auction

Finally, I have been listed in a new small business directory with Pretty and Petit.  If you are a looking for something special to treat yourself or send to a loved one then do browse the directory, it is full of amazing small businesses that are continuing to work hard and remain open during this difficult time.

Take care and stay healthy.

Adorable dachshunds

I was lucky enough to snap up a Dachshund printed fabric off-cut from a Sophie Allport shop last year and was itching to use it in a new artwork design. Finished and mounted before Christmas, I have only just found time to photograph and list in my online shops. I did however remember to take a few in progress shots and thought I’d share these with you to give you an insight into how the picture came together.

Initial design colours for dachshund textile artwork by Ellie's Treasures

Having chosen the light turquoise blue/green felt as the background, initial colour scheme ideas came from the dark red of the Dachshund’s collar so I started by sourcing buttons in complementary colours.

Initial design ideas by Ellie's Treasures

My next stage was to play with fabrics and trims, building a balanced piece with interest from different patterns and textures.

Embellished hound artwork by Ellie's Treasures

Tiny embellishments are added last to give additional interest and prettiness to the artwork before being mounted on a white canvas and finished with my logo on the reverse.

Embellished mounted artwork by Ellie's Treasures

As with most of my products, I try to use as many donated and recycled fabrics and decorations as possible to save materials ending up in landfill. For this particular picture, many of the additional fabrics, dark grey paper, buttons and sequins were all repurposed.

mixed media Dachshund artwork by Ellie's Treasures

To finish, here’s a few interesting facts about these adorable hounds:

* with their German origins, the correct pronounciation of the word “Dachshund” is “Daks-hoont”, with the word “dachs” meaning “badger” and “hund” meaning “hound” or “dog”;

* they have quite a few nicknames, the most endearing to me are “sausage dog” and “doxie”;

* in 1972 Waldie the Dachshund was the colourful mascot for the Munich Olympic Games.