Tips and ideas for Craft Fair Vendors (part 4) – handy checklist

To finish my “Craft Fair” series I thought I’d put together a little checklist of, what I feel, are necessary items to consider taking with you for the event.  You will, I am sure, need to add things to it, depending on what you intend to sell, but it’s a starters guide and I do hope it will come in handy.

necessary business documentation (insurance/hygiene certificates)

completed risk assessment (if needed)

copy of fair/market rules should you need to refer to them

marque and all fixings and tools (if required)

cardboard to stand on (experienced sellers say it keeps the damp from rising)

table(s) (unless supplied)

chair(s) (unless supplied/if allowed)

table covering(s) (take a selection as sometimes tables supplied are different sizings)

table display items, decorations and signs, blackboard and chalk

batteries for table lights

large overnight covering for your table, should the fair be over several days

fixings for table coverings and display items

shop banner and fixings

storage boxes for your equipment that are easy to carry or pull along


inventory and price list

peelable stickers for pricing items


business cards

promotional information – sign up to email newsletter/sale notice/ upcoming fairs

custom order sheets

cash float

cash box

charged portable credit card terminal

charged smartphone (for credit card terminal)/phone (turn on mobile data for card terminal app if wi-fi not available)

charged power bank (to keep everything fully charged)

pens, pencil, eraser, sharpener, scissors

sticky tape, Blu Tac, safety pins



camera (to take pictures of your stall and others, with their permission)

personal cash

flask (sugar/sweetners/milk/spoon/coffee/tea)

bottled water

food and snacks that are easy to eat and cutlery if needed

bag for rubbish


wet wipes

warm clothing, including hat, scarf and gloves (fingerless if that’s easier) – layering is a good idea

warm and sturdy footwear

Let me know if there’s anything you feel should be added to the list – would love to hear from you.

I hope these four blog posts have been helpful and if you have booked to run a stall at a fair or market, I hope you have an enjoyable and successful time.

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