Ellie’s Treasures

Hand sewn accessories, jewellery and artwork.

Established in 2009 and based in rural Lincolnshire, on the borders of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, Ellie’s Treasures has been following a creative path of twists, turns and a few straight lines ever since.

Ellie's Treasures handmade embellished accessories

With a passion for hand stitching, love of colour and tactile media, I use good quality felt and fabrics, together with pretty charms and embellishments to design and hand sew accessories, jewellery and artwork.

There is something very lovely about an item made by hand, maybe it’s the notion that it is unique and carefully finished, perhaps a little uneven in places, and always the knowledge that no two items will be exactly the same. Every little piece is made with care and love and designed to bring joy to its new owner. Commissions are always welcome, please get in touch via the contact page or through my online shops or social media pages.

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